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Custom Homes Vancouver WA
We provide Custom Home Building Services in Vancouver, WA and Clark County. Call 360-573-5268!

Scherer Enterprises is a strategically located development company and remodeling contractor in Vancouver, WA. Scherer Enterprises principals possess a keen familiarity with the neighborhoods, ordinances, design approval, procedures, and permit processes, and that has made us extremely popular and reputable for custom homes in Vancouver WA, Ridgefield, and Battle Ground.

Scherer Enterprises offers a full range of Owner Representative Development Advisory Services that has historically not been available under one roof directly to homeowners and commercial property owners alike. The development, construction and remodeling services provided cover the entire spectrum required during the conception, development and building process, including:

Quality Custom Homes Vancouver WA

  • Land Acquisition and Property Purchase Due Diligence Assistance
  • Home and Project Design and Architect Coordination
  • Neighborhood Relations, Governmental Approvals, and Building Permit Coordination
  • General Contractor and Subcontractor Management
  • Complete Budget, Expense Disbursement, and Bank Draw Management

These services ensure that our client’s interest is fully represented at a highly-professional level throughout the entire remodeling contractor process, and eliminate the conflicts inherent when entrusting these responsibilities to a developer, architect or general contractor. Custom Homes Vancouver, WA from us provide owners with a comprehensive fiduciary oversight service not currently provided by remodeling contractor competitors in Washington.

Vancouver Custom Homes Contractors

Custom Homes Vancouver WA
The “Scherer Enterprises Team” is comprised of a highly respected, talented, and quality- orientated group of professionals and remodeling contractors in Vancouver, WA who combine their expertise and skills on every project, from home additions to kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. The company and its team members have a firm commitment to value creation and enduring quality. We are confident that our services will make the construction process a smooth, predictable and, most important, an enjoyable experience for our Clients.

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Call us today for a in-depth remodeling contractor consultation on building your dream home: 360-573-5268 or fill out our brief inquiry form at this link. We will be glad to discuss how we can make your project come to life.